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Millions of people around the world are using Aura4You software package, which includes Video Converter, DVD Ripper, Video Editor, YouTube Downloader, FLV Player, Flash to Video Converter, Video to Audio Converter, and more. Many of them have left their positive reviews of Aura4You programs on the internet, or send to us. We publish only a small part of those for your reference and we thank for all users' support to Aura4You.

Aura4You Users' Reviews

"I've used this (free version) converter for years. It is hassle free, convenient and intuitive. The Interface is simple. It has the ability to add subtitle files to any video. The conversion settings can be matched to the original format, customizations for any format can be used as well. It is a very convenient and useful tool for the supported format." -- Inokis

"Thank you so much for the support and for this great porgram. It's amazing to have such a good program avaiable for free. As soon as I can, I'll buy it." -- Babsi Moi

"I have purchased Aura profesional version which I am extremely please with and would highly recommend (and do)." -- Gerry Hills

"I am an English as a second language / ESL teacher and I use Aura Video Converter almost everyday to convert learning videos. I am so thankful to whoever created this software and made it available for free. It is the best free software I ever downloaded." -- Fabian

"Thanks for the great product." -- Mark McCormick

"Hey you guys, excellent program!" -- Oscar Guerrero

"I would say it is great free offer. With its function, I feel happy to convert my videos." -- Channsok

"It is very useful video converter i am very thanks to my friend shoaib to tell me these type of software.......... it is very fast and useful to us!" -- Prasad

"Hi, just like to pass on my thanks for releasing such a great product. I've tried so many different Youtube downloaders with no joy; yours works perfect every time!" -- Karl Stockley

"Congratulations on your excellent product and thank you for making it available." -- Miguel Lucarelli

"Love the product. I am ripping DVD to MPEG-I format. It does it and the picture is great." -- Jordan Cala

"I purchased your software after I tried it, and have had no problems. It does very well." -- Richard Lundberg

"I am altogether very pleased with your Converter." -- Stanley Fialka

"I purchased your product several months ago, and love it! The converter has worked very well and consistently since it's purchase." -- Kamandi Roberts

"I am enjoying your program with video converter. I purchased your program (special summer offers, Get 12 programs)" -- Hyosoo Jang

"I've already downloaded the trial version of Aura DVD Ripper, and I was satisfied with this fantastic software both in terms of quality and simple interface. ..I do love to recommend this great software to my friends. " -- Arthur

"I've been using the free version of the Video to Audio Converter to extract mp3s from .mkv and .avi files. It's been working perfectly. Again, thank you so much for the awesome programs!!" -- Cody Chance

"I have been using DVD Copy 1.0.3 for a while, all-in-all pretty successfully." -- Dave Kacoroski

"Nice program, with easy handling!" -- Grt Peter

"Thanks, Glad to hear the good news. You have some great products! Have a nice day." -- Iain Davidson

"I want to take this opportunity to tell you how impressed I am with your free video converter. Great quality, easy to use, fast conversion time, and truly a FREE converter -- no watermarks for a trial version. What a wonderful product! Thank you!
I will surely be looking into purchasing the full Aura4You. I had my doubts when I saw your add on facebook -- but I am now a believer." -- Tarren Vielma

"I just started using Aura Video Converter and I was incredibly pleased with the ease of converting a *.vob file to a *.mp4 file." -- Jordan Jozwiak

"I have since purchased this software from your company, and I love it. I contribute to a few different forums (XDA, Android, and Xperia) I have been sharing with everyone how straight forward this app is." -- Tom Hanson

"I like your ripper (v1.2.5) very much (I’ve been testing it against other rippers for my next purchase)." -- Tony Van

"I really think the software is really good, easy to use and excellent quality and value for money." -- Fred Doherty

"I'm impressed with your Converter very much and very happy I chose your product." -- GRAHAM SANSOM

"I'm using your great tool to convert the videos from my camera from MOV to AVI - and you made it so simple : Thanx!" -- Lothar Weber

"I've got to say that I'm using the free version of Aura Video Converter and I'm very satisfied with your product, it converts nearly every video without problems. :)" -- Marco Bruce