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Technical problem solutions

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1. What if Aura4You software crashes or stops working?

2. How to close the program when it encounts a problem?

3. How to run with limited user account?

DVD Ripper/Video Converter

1. After ripping DVD, the video and audio don't sync, how to fix it?

2. After converting video, the video and audio don't sync, how to fix it?

3. How to choose output language?

4. My DVD can't be ripped, what to do?

5. Why is the final ripped file much shorter than original DVD?

6. The converted file is shorter than original video file, how to fix it?

7. How to disable derector's commentary?

8. How to merge output?

9. Why can't I preview video?

10. How to speed up the encoding process?

DVD Copy

1. Can't copy DVD, how to fix this?

2. The copied DVD won't play on my DVD player, why?

3. Why does the DVD burning process hang up?

4. How to tell DVD5 and DVD9?

YouTube Downloader

1. Why can't I download some YouTube videos?

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