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How To Convert YouTube Videos

Happen to discover a funny video on YouTube online video website and can't wait to download and convert YouTube videos to better enjoy? Here's the tutorial which helps you download and convert YouTube videos just with ease.

What are required to convert YouTube videos

  • Network that allows you to connect to YouTube website
  • A computer which runs Windows system (including Windows 7)
  • The YouTube video converter that helps you download and convert YouTube videos

Only 3 to 4 Steps to convert YouTube videos

Only 3 steps to convert {$keywords}

Step 1. Import YouTube videos

Start YouTube videos Converter and click YouTube button to open the box, input the URL of YouTube videos as many as you want. Click OK when finishes.

Download YouTube videos with the Free YouTube Converter

Step 2. Start downloading YouTube videos

(Note: If you only want to download YouTube videos to your hard disc, please follow all 4 steps including Step 2. If you mean to convert YouTube to other video formats, then you can just ignore Step 2, direct jump to Step 3.)

After importing YouTube videos to the Free YouTube Converter, select all and right click on the selected, choose the option Download All Online FLV Files. Then the downloading should begin.

Download YouTube videos using the Free YouTube Converter

Step 3. Convert YouTube videos

When all YouTube videos have been successfully downloaded, select one output video profile for Converting YouTube videos. Here you can customize some parameters like video frame size, frame rate, video codec, audio codec, etc.

convert YouTube videos with Aura Video Converter

Step 4. Get the converted YouTube videos

Click Output Folder button in the left corner of the Free YouTube Converter, then you get all the converted files. Transfer the converted YouTube videos for watching it on the go.

Get converted YouTube videos by the Free YouTube Converter

Extra Tips for Converting YouTube Videos

  • Why can't I download some YouTube videos?
  • Some YouTube videos may request you to login and then to download, in this case you may just click Edit->Options->Online Video, and then input your ID and password of YouTube to login. Then try to download the YouTube vdieos again.

  •  What should I do if I just want to download YouTube videos, but not convert YouTube videos
  • You should just follow Step 1 to Step 2 to get the YouTube videos downloaded on your hard disc. Get it by clicking YouTube that on the left list of the Free YouTube Converter, then right click the file in the main panel, choose Open File Location to get the downloaded YouTube file.

  • How to merge all YouTube videos to one single file?
  • After you import all YouTube videos to the Free YouTube Converter, select all and choose the option Merge Output. Then all the selected YouTube videos should be converted to one single file.

  • How to select audio track for the final file?
  • If the YouTube files got themselves several different audio tracks and yet you just want one of them to exist in the final file, you should unfold the option Audio Track, which is under the preview window, and then select one language from the dropdown list.

  • What if the converted file has sync problem?
  • This is unusual, but in case it happens, there are some Fix-up solutions of the YouTube videos. Simply go through the option Edit->Options->Video, adjust the slider bar of Audio/Video Sync, then click OK and select Default in the Audio Options->A/V Sync option.

Download Aura Video Converter to convert YouTube videos

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