Tutorial - How to use Aura DVD Ripper

How to rip DVD to videos with Aura DVD Ripper

This document provides a step-by-step tutorial on how to rip DVD movies to target video formats with Aura4You DVD Ripper.

Note that Aura DVD Ripper does not support ripping copy-protected DVDs. If you need to rip copy-protected DVDs to videos, you can use Aura DVD Copy to copy the DVD movie to a file folder in your computer, and then use Aura DVD Ripper to convert the movie to the video format you need.

Task Summary

Ripping DVD movies to AVI, MP4, FLV, 3GP or any other supported video formats.


  • Hardware: A computer with Windows operating system (32-bit) and DVD drive
  • Software: Aura DVD Ripper

Haven’t installed Aura DVD Ripper yet? Download and install it now.

Download Aura DVD Ripper

Five Steps to Rip DVD Movies to Video Files with Aura DVD Ripper

  • Step 1: Load DVD movies
  • Step 2: Specify video length to be converted
  • Step 3: Choose output format
  • Step 4: Start converting
  • Step 5: Get converted video files

Step 1: Load DVD movies

1. Run Aura DVD Ripper

2. Insert your DVD to computer DVD drive

3. Click the Open DVD button and load the DVD to Aura DVD Ripper

Load DVD to Aura DVD Ripping Software

Step 2: Specify video length to be converted

You may want to rip the whole DVD movie, maybe not. With Aura DVD Ripper, you can choose chapter, title or specify a certain section of the movie to be converted.

Subtitle and DVD angle are also selectable so that you can get exactly what you want in the output videos.

Plenty of customizable parameters for advanced users, video codec, video size, video bitrate, video frame rate, audio codec, audio bitrate, audio sample rate, audio channel, etc.

Modify parameters for output videos

Step 3: Choose output format

Aura DVD Ripper supports dozens of output video formats and media players, and even game consoles like PS3 and Wii. All output profiles are ready-to-use.

Click on the Profile drop-down menu, and choose the right video format you need.

Choose output video format

Step 4: Start converting

Now everything is ready. Just hit the Convert button. Sit back and wait a moment.

Rip DVD to MPG, MP4, AIV and FLV videos

If needed, Aura DVD Ripper can auto-shutdown your computer after completing conversion. You can enable this function by going to the menu “Options > Extras”, and select the “Shut down computer when encoding finished” option.

Step 5: Get converted video files

Don’t know where are the converted videos? Relax. It’s easy to get what have been ripped and converted.

The left panel of the main window lists all source videos and converted videos there. Just click the Output Folder button to get your videos.

Open output folder to get converted video files

Or you can right-click on any selected video, and then choose Open File Location.

Download Aura DVD Ripper

Download Aura DVD Ripper