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Review Summary of Breaking Dawn

Dawn isn’t the only thing that gets broken in “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part I,” the latest and best of the movies about a girl, her vampire and their impossible, ridiculously appealing — yes, I surrendered — love story. Marked by a canny mix of violence and chastity, the franchise has always had plenty of broken heads to go along with its pure thoughts, but here it also features a marital bed reduced to kindling after a rough night. If that doesn’t sound like the series that has kept millions of prepubescent viewers virtuously rapt, you’re right. But little Bella is all grown up now, and while Edward is still more zomboid than juicily predatory, this time not everything else on screen is dead, too. — Manohla Dargis

Copy Breaking Dawn DVD with Aura DVD Copy

Breaking Dawn is one of your favorite DVDs, and you want to make copies of the DVD for personal purposes? Now you can create backups of Breaking Dawn DVD with Aura DVD Copy software.

Breaking Dawn DVD could be scratched, damaged and even completely unusable over time. So it’s a wise idea to make copies before it’s too late. If you have rent Breaking Dawn from DVD rental store and the store’s Terms of Use allow you to make copies of the DVD, you can have your favorite Breaking Dawn on disc with the help of Aura DVD Copy software.

Aura DVD Copy software offers several solutions for copying your Breaking Dawn DVD. You can copy it from DVD to DVD, including DVD-5 to DVD-5, DVD-9 to DVD-9, and DVD-9 to DVD-5. You can copy Breaking Dawn DVD to the hard drive of your computer as DVD folder or DVD image file. If your Breaking Dawn movie is image file or in DVD folder, Aura DVD Copy software can burn it to disc.

All types of DVD video discs are supported by Aura DVD Copy software. The program can burn your Breaking Dawn DVD to DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW or DVD-RAM disc. Aura DVD Copy software will erase rewritable DVD disc for burning your Breaking Dawn DVD to the disc. Except for the comparatively obscure DVD-RAM format, most new set-top DVD players will play -R and +R discs equally well. Older players have much spottier -R/+R compatibility.

A Brief Guide on How to Decrypt & Copy Breaking Dawn DVD

The operation of Aura DVD Copy is very simple. After only several steps, you can copy any DVDs to ISO file, hard disk or DVD discs.

Step 1. Insert a DVD in the DVD drive

And in Aura DVD Copy, Input Device section will show the current DVD drive where the disc is loaded.

Step 2. Load source DVD Breaking Dawn

Press the Open DVD button, then the file tree of this DVD will be shown in the DVD explorer section.

Step 3. Select clips to be cloned

In the DVD explorer, you are able to select the clips to be cloned. Below example skips some chapters and subtitles, and omit titleset 1 and 2.

Step 4. Choose output device

Step 5. Start cloning Breaking Dawn DVD

Copy DVD to DVD, DVD to PC and burn DVD to new disc

DVD copy software is often also referred to as DVD ripping software. Essentially a DVD ripper copies a DVD to your hard drive for viewing, storing, converting or burning. The best DVD rippers make perfect 1:1 copies without quality loss. Most DVD rippers also support advanced functions like selective copying, compression and DVD decryption.

DVD copy software contains DVD burning tools. The DVD burning elements of DVD copy software can take multimedia files such as home movies, slide shows, data files, video files and other video entertainment and burn them to a DVD. The best DVD software can burn to a variety of disk types including DVD+/-RW, DVD+/-R DL, DVD+/-R and even CDs.

Key Features of Aura DVD Copy

  • Copy DVD to DVD
  • Shrink DVD-9 to DVD-5
  • Remove CSS, RC, RCE and other DVD copy protections from DVDs
  • Backup DVD to DVD folder or ISO image to computer drive
  • Burn DVD folder or ISO image file to DVD disc
  • Preview DVD movies before cloning and burning
  • Auto-analyze DVD titles
  • Erase re-writable DVD disc
  • Support dual-layer DVD disc
  • High quality & fast speed

Clone Breaking Dawn with Normal Copy Method

By default, Aura DVD Copy program will try to analyze and clone the Breaking Dawn disc with Normal copy method. For most unprotected and CSS-encrypted DVDs, Normal method can handle them well. However, if the program finds the Breaking Dawn DVD has bad sectors, fake main movie, it will prompt you to switch to Enhanced mode.

Download DVD Cloner to copy Breaking Dawn

Download Aura DVD Copy Software to Copy Breaking Dawn DVD

Disclaimer of Copying Breaking Dawn and Other DVDs

This article is a tutorial on how to copy Breaking Dawn DVD for backup purpose. If your Breaking Dawn DVD is rented from DVD rental stores or online DVD rental services like Netflix, Tesco and LOVEFiLM, please read the Terms of Use of before trying to make copies of Breaking Dawn. DVD rental stores may have limitations on use of the DVD your rent from them. Subjecting to certain terms of use and local laws, copying or cloning Breaking Dawn DVD might be copyright infringement activity.

Aura4You provides Aura DVD Copy only as an application for assisting users to backup their Breaking Dawn and/or other DVDs, for which they are auBreaking Dawnized to make backup copies for personal use, in case of scratch and damage over time. Users should make sure they have the rights to clone the Breaking Dawn DVD they have bought or rent.

Up to date, most states in the United States allow DVD copying for backup purpose and other personal uses. Making an archival backup of Breaking Dawn DVD that you legally purchase with a decrypter tool is completely legal.

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